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Chicken Avgolemono

A lemony, chicken with rice soup, made creamy with the addition of a whisked-in egg and brightened with a sprinkling of basil and parsley.  Chicken Soup Avgolemono is perhaps the most iconic of all Greek soups.

Shrimp Mykonos

Originating from the Greek island of Mykonos this delicious blend of pasta and shrimp is the perfect blend of seafood and Italian.  Topped with our house butter sauce this dish will keep you coming back for more.  Served with a dinner salad of choice and Greek green beans.


Three layers that are separately cooked before being combined for the final baking: a bottom layer of sliced eggplants sautéed in olive oil; a middle layer of ground lamb lightly cooked with chopped or puréed tomatoes, onion, garlic, and Greek spices; and a top layer of Béchamel sauce. The composed dish is then layered into a pan and baked until the top layer is browned.

Lamb Shank

Tender lamb shank cooked to perfection in tomato sauce and served over orzo pasta. Served with a dinner salad of your choice and Greek green beans.  This generous portion of lamb shank is sure to fill the hungriest of appetites.


Sliced lamb meat served on hot pita bread topped with onions and tomatoes served with a side of santziki and fries.